Two-Feathers Tells Ya How Ta
Make Yer Own Drinkin' Horn

The first thang yer gonna need is patience. This'll take at least a week.
Now, git yerself a horn that's had all the bone and pulp removed. Lone Eagle at Smoke & Thunder has some purty horns fer trade, or they kin gen'rally be found at Rendezvous.

Yer gonna need this stuff, too;
-Denture Cleaning Tablets
-Bottle Brushes or Bore Brushes
-Dish Soap
-Extra Stout Beer, Wine, or Popskull
-Sharp Knife or scraper
-Wet-Dry Sand Paper - coarse to fine
-Steel Wool - coarse to fine

Workin' The Outside

You kin work the outside of the horn before or after you work the innards.
Use power tools if ya wanna', but beware - ya can ruin a horn faster'n ya can cuss the belt sander or grinder that chewed a hole in it!

Workin The Innards

First Day - Disinfect And Deodorize

Second Day - De-slime And Begin Curing

Third Day - Still Curing

Fourth Day - Still Curing

Fifth Day - Finish Curing

Sixth Day - Finally!

  1. Boil the horn. Only the mouth needs to be in the water. This could take 30 minutes or a few hours, dependin' how thick the horn is. Ya kin do this on the kitchen stove iffin' ya want. Since the innards have been cured an' the outside's been scraped an' sanded, the boilin' horn won't stink like a raw one will.
  2. Take somethin' round fer a mold, like a water glass, that'll fit inta the horn. Use somethin' like tupperware or metal 'cause glass could break an' cut ya. If it's tapered it'll be easier ta work inta the softened horn.
  3. When the horn is soft enough, force the glass inta the mouth as far as ya can an' leave 'er ta cool fer awhile.
  4. When the horn is cool, pull the mold outta' the horn. If yer mold is glass, be very careful! It could break!

Some folks like ta seal the innards with bees wax or acrylic, but it ain't necessary. Iffin ya drink somethin' hot, the wax will melt. Iffin ya drink spirits, some finishes may disolve an' become toxic.